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Eve Taylor Facials By Lipstick Powder & Paint

Why Eve Taylor?

We are often asked why we use Eve Taylor products, so we thought it would be good to tell you about them. Eve taylor is a British skincare company who provide effective¬†uncomplicated skincare for all skin types and conditions. They have never tested any of their products on animals, they…Read More

Relaxing Massage by LPP

The Benefits of Massage You Might Not Know

I’m sure most of you have enjoyed one and know that massage is good for you in some way, but do you know how good? Massage has generally been considered part of complementary and alternative medicine, however regular massage is now often a suggested therapy along with more conventional treatments…Read More

Auricular Therapy by LPP Beauty

Hopi Ear Candles – Explained

Hopi Ear Candles (also known as Auricular Therapy) is a treatment that was used by the ancient Greeks and Native Americans. The practice was introduced to the modern world by the Hopi Indians (hence the name) of Northern Arizona and were traditionally used by healers for a variety of treatments.…Read More